Up-to-date information about GLOBE UAV
GUAV8 hexacopter

Brand new GUAV8 hexacopter - highly redundancy.

Our new GUAV8 succeeds through very stable flight characteristics and excellent susceptible to wind interference.
High redundancy, loss of electric engines can be compensated for promptly.
GUAV7 hexacopter

Upgrade GUAV7 hexacopter - longer flying times.

Flying time upgrade for our GUAV7 hexacopter - now with more than 75 minutes flying time and up to 80 miles single trip range.
GUAV7 hexacopter

Brand new GUAV7 hexacopter.

Our new GUAV7 hexacopter with more than 60 minutes flying time and up to 50 miles single trip range. Carbon and alloy components for long-lasting operation and optimized power and weight balance for extended flight time. Weather proof and wind resistant up to a wind speed of 60 km/h - stand by function - ready to start in less than 10 seconds, thats only some of the highlights of our new hexacopter. Complete "your" GUAV7 hexacopter with a bunch of additional sensors for all kinds of applications, such as for “Air Quality” and others.

The GLOBE-UAV GroundStation.

We proudly present the G-UAV Ground Station and open a new dimension of flight control. The drone applications being part of your business - first aid, surveillance, guiding, transport, early rating of a situation - will become more effective due to this novel Ground Station. Without any piloting knowledge the user is able to control the drone in said fields of application - from his desk, not necessarily from the outside. The flight time will be up to 60 minutes and the operating radius will be 50 kilometers.
new world record

New world record for civil UAV long distance flights.

  • by CEO
  • in products
  • posted 15 March, 2016
In October 2015 we established a new world record. The drone (GUAV5 | quadrocopter) was flown at our HQ in germany controlled from our office in Shenzhen, China. The pilot in china watched the live video stream in highest quality with a delay of only 250ms! The distance between the drone and the pilot was more than 9.000 kilometers - so do not worry about the delayed transmission of data.