Globe UAV develops intelligent drone systems

controlled across national borders.


Globe UAV develops Drone Systems to be controlled from just one Command Center away from the site of operation. Higher efficiency due to the unrestricted range, the integration into common alarm systems, the intuitive operating concept and the above-average flight time are features of the Globe UAV Systems.

Crime - Accident - Fire - Emergency - Disaster
When early Respond can Change it All!

20 Seconds after request the closest available Globe UAV Drone in the Network is on its way to the destination autonomous or manually controlled:

Discover, Coordinate, Clarify, Deter, Monitor, Analyze, Deliver
Video feedback in Full HD, Thermal or InfraRed for Night Operations, Air Quality Control or detection of various Gases, Transport of AEDs, Tools, Life Vests or Emergency Medicine.
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Furthermore, the Globe UAV system offers a sophisticated security concept:

Groundstation "SkyGate 2.0" PC software
 • 256-bit AES data encryption
 • Direct data connection between drone and ground station
 • Use of all available cellular frequencies: 4G, 3G, 2G and Edge (5G ready)
 • Optional VPN, APN or private LTE
 • Offline Version available (requires APN or private LTE)

 • Intuitive user interface for operation by existing staff
 • User profiles with differentiated access rights
 • Administrator access
 • Centralized control of all UAVs
 • SkyGate Network
 • Full-screen flight recording incl. Operator inputs
 • Digital checklist before every flight
 • Weather-related start authorization
 • Battery Power related start authorization
 • Optimized data transfer with only 100ms Latency
 • UAV Hangars for 24/7 readiness
 • Integration into existing alarm systems
 • Access lock when used outside legitimate areas

 • Master-Slave Flight controller Architecture
 • Model related (X8) Twin-Propulsion and Twin-Parachute
 • 22,2V Li-Ion Battery Packs without Power Cut
 • Quadro GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Baidu)
 • Preflight-Checklist
 • Full HD permanent Video Transmission EO / Thermal / IR
 • Detailed map shows the Position and Direction of the UAV
 • Various Flight Modes (Waypoint, Manual, Click'n Fly)
 • Flight-related data on the main screen (Height, Speed, Windspeed & Temperature,
   Battery Consumption & Percentage, Cell Value, Tilt and Roll, Distance to home)
 • Status monitoring of the Drone
 • Operational range up to 100km / 70min Flight Time
 • Polygon virtual fence
 • Manual & automatic Parachute deployment with Launch-board monitoring
 • Calculation of the Battery consumption for the Return Flight
 • Acoustic and visual Warning at low Battery
 • Automatic Landing on low battery
 • P-Nut and reverse RTH within the virtual Fence
 • Defined Emergency Landing Areas
 • Integrated UTM with Collision warning and Course correction
 • ADS-B & FLARM Transponder supported
 • Digital Logbook
 • "Precise Landing" Module - Landing by beacon

 • Camera systems up to 30x optical zoom
 • Thermal camera with 640x480px and various filters
 • Picture in Picture (PiP) - switchable
 • Object tracking by mouse click
 • Postprocessing for object, face, number plate recognition
 • IR beam with 500m range
 • Transport system for fast fixing of the transported goods
 • Battery Life Circle Monitoring

 • Modular Design to upgrade Sensors and Connectivity (5G)
 • Individual Solutions to be made


The Heart of the Globe UAV system is the Ground Control Station "SkyGate 2.0" with its intuitive user interface.

Real Time Full HD video transmission, in addition the current drone position shown at the map and all relevant flight data at the screen, controlled by an ordinary keyboard makes operation simple and takes away the fear of existing staff-members to fly a drone.

An operation with remote control system in open field under changing weather conditions belongs to the past and is therefore a considerable relief for the user.
intuitive control


Even adverse weather conditions pose no challenges. Heavy rainfall, wind speeds up to 5Bft and temperatures from -20° to +50° Celsius are real-world tested scenarios.


Tailor-made configuration according to Customer requirements.

The intended use defines the setup. The high-end camera gimbals with 30x optical zoom and tracking function identify people and vehicles upon 250m. For nightly missions, the operator is supported by the inclusion of thermal and night vision cameras.

Regardless of the time of day, safe operation without restrictions is guaranteed.
Sensors for measuring air quality and specific gases provide data that is available to the operator in real time.

We also developed the Rapid Release Claw Transport System. This allows a fast, automatic and secure fixation of a transport container to the drone, triggered optionally on the ground (blood containers, AED,…) or also in the air (life jacket).
Thermal camera


For stationary applications requiring fast system readiness, we have developed a special drone hangar. This ensures optimal protection against vandalism, climatic conditions and offers through the integrated charging function of the battery 24/7 availability.

Within the Drone Hangar (3 Types available) the Drone is charged, well-temperatured stored vandalism-proof and only one click away from start.