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Blut per Drohne

The blood is stored by drone

  • by CEO
  • posted 12. December 2018
Drones should take over the transport of blood and laboratory samples in hospitals and replace the car as a means of transport. The first tests are promising.

A hospital manager and the company GLOBE UAV from Ostwestfalen now want to realize what Amazon and Google are planning for their mail-order routes in the German health care system: Drones should take over the transport of blood and laboratory samples to hospitals and replace the car as a means of transport. (Excerpt "Revolutionary Hospital" from 13.12.2018)


Biometric face recognition.

  • by CEO
  • posted 09. December 2018
Biometric recognition of facial features combined with intelligent drone technology can help to quickly and effectively achieve proactive identification of target individuals and / or offenders.

In the field of criminal investigation DERMALOG's facial recognition is recognized for its high verification rates. In cooperation with DERMALOG the transmitted video data is analyzed in real time (during the flight), e.g. for tracking and identifying people, for involvement in border control systems and many other uses.


Perfect view at night | Viewpoint gimbal

  • by CEO
  • posted 04. December 2018
Camera with 12x zoom and integrated IR laser module for perfect vision even in total darkness.
The integrated IR laser module has a focus range of 40m (short range) to over 500m (telephoto) and thus ensures optimal illumination of your target area.

Defibrillator Lifesaving from the air

Defibrillator Drone | Lifesaving from the air

  • by CEO
  • posted 02. July 2018
Aerial Rescue - GUAV8 Drone with Lifeline VIEW AED Defibrillator
The emergency occurs: cardiovascular collapse that threatens sudden cardiac death. Now you have to act quickly, because often seconds decide on life and death. The emergency drone starts and is at the place of work within a very short time, regardless of traffic volume or the current weather conditions.

People who want to help and who are close by are usually helpless because they do not know what to do.
The Lifeline VIEW AED is the world's first video-embedded defibrillator that guides first-aiders and non-medical professionals step-by-step through first-aid efforts until rescue workers arrive on-site and take care of the patient.
GSMA Mobile World Congress

Drones by mobile internet

  • by CEO
  • posted 12. March 2018
GSMA Mobile World Congress 26.-30.02.2018
In Barcelona as part of the innovation City we could win worthy new contacts from all over the world.
Blood by drone

Blood by drones

  • by CEO
  • posted 02. March 2018
Blood transfusions save thousands of lifes every day. Often every minute counts.
But what if the driver gets stuck in a traffic jam on his way with his urgent cargo?
In the future, drones should prevent late arrival of the rescuing blood at the hospital.

"Alles Wissen" shows how it works.

rapid release claw

Rapid Release Claw | Transport System

  • by CEO
  • posted 17. February 2018
The "Rapid Release Claw" transport system enables the fast, automatic and secure fixation of a transport container to the drone (Picture shows: GUAV8 IXON + Rapid Release Claw + Lightning Gimbal). The triggering can then optionally be done on the ground (for example, transport of blood containers) or also from the air. (e.g., dropping a life jacket)
ANR Romania

Globe UAV in Constanta

  • by CEO
  • posted 12. December 2017
The Romanian Ministry of Shipping and Transportation (A.N.R.) intends to use drone technology "Made in Germany" in the future.
Director Alexandra Mezei emphasized in a TV interview how important this technology is for a wide variety of applications. "In addition to surveillance functions for the port area in Constanta, we also intend to use these systems in the area of rescue, protection and lifesaving at the beaches of Constanta and Mamaia, and to check compliance with environmental protection measures in the port terminal. Also, in the case of accidents near the coast, such drones are a great help for police applications "says Alexandra Mezei.
DroneGuard - Mehr Sicherheit für Westenholz

Video surveillance from above – more safety for Westenholz

  • by CEO
  • posted 12 January, 2017
In a nationwide unique pilot project, an autonomous aerial video surveillance system is being launched around Westenholz (Delbrueck town, county Paderborn). The system is connected with various alarms and automatically starts a drone once released. After an average flight time of 45-90 seconds, the drone reaches the scene and enables an analysis of the situation in real time. The police involved receives information about the number of suspects and their (getaway) position in advance.
China leading role at drones

China and G-UAV in leading role at drones / multicopters.

  • by CEO
  • posted 23 October, 2016
China is the big player in the worldwide drone branch. The Middle Kingdom has already set all political and economical basics for the drone flight. The RollOut of the Globe-UAV Copters for this year is already in preparation in the recently construced German-Chinese project Metal Eco City (MEC) in Jieyang. Research and Development of the hardware, Service center, 24/7 hotline and sales of Globe-UAV Asia is located on 3.000sqm. Additionally, the building offers a roof deck which is a perfect location for testing and presenting the products. Huge interests of various government organisations and different companies from the energy and traffic sector lead into busy air traffic above the city.
Another advantage is the closeness to the airport and highspeed-train station (15 min.). The first customer deliveries launch until end of 2016. Thanks to the political release in the required airspace, China is one step ahead Europe – especially Germany – in the growth trend of the market. China is constantly achieving his goal: Indeed in 5 years, many tasks can be completed by UAVs.
Production Asia

Launch of production in Asia.

  • by CEO
  • posted 7 September, 2016
Our new production place is currently rising - on 3.000sqm, plus another 300sqm roof terrace – in the Sino-German Metal Eco City (MEC) to serve the Asian market. Production is set to begin in 2 months.
Metal Eco City flight

Drone flight over Metal Eco City (MEC) in Jieyang.

  • by CEO
  • posted 30 August, 2016
The Sino-German Metal Eco City (MEC) is an innovative Industrypark that opens the introduction of German medium-sized companies into the Chinese market. The Metal Eco City (MEC) is located in the North of the megacity Jieyang, among the Guangdong - province – only one flying hour from Hong Kong – and has a total area of 25sq km.
GUAV8 hexacopter

Brand new GUAV8 hexacopter - highly redundancy.

Our new GUAV8 succeeds through very stable flight characteristics and excellent susceptible to wind interference.
High redundancy, loss of electric engines can be compensated for promptly.
GUAV7 hexacopter

Upgrade GUAV7 hexacopter - longer flying times.

Flying time upgrade for our GUAV7 hexacopter - now with more than 60 minutes flying time (without gimbal and parachute) and up to 30 miles single trip range.
GUAV7 hexacopter

Brand new GUAV7 hexacopter.

Our new GUAV7 hexacopter with more than 60 minutes flying time and up to 30 miles single trip range. Carbon and alloy components for long-lasting operation and optimized power and weight balance for extended flight time. Weather proof and wind resistant up to a wind speed of 60 km/h - stand by function - ready to start in less than 15 seconds, thats only some of the highlights of our new hexacopter. Complete "your" GUAV7 hexacopter with a bunch of additional sensors for all kinds of applications, such as for “Air Quality” and others.

The GLOBE-UAV GroundStation.

We proudly present the G-UAV Ground Station and open a new dimension of flight control. The drone applications being part of your business - first aid, surveillance, guiding, transport, early rating of a situation - will become more effective due to this novel Ground Station. Without any piloting knowledge the user is able to control the drone in said fields of application - from his desk, not necessarily from the outside. The flight time will be up to 60 minutes and the operating radius will be 50 kilometers.
new world record

New world record for civil UAV long distance flights.

In October 2015 we established a new world record. The drone (GUAV5 | quadrocopter) was flown at our HQ in germany controlled from our office in Shenzhen, China. The pilot in china watched the live video stream in highest quality with a delay of only 350ms! The distance between the drone and the pilot was more than 9.000 kilometers - so do not worry about the delayed transmission of data.