Keyboard, mouse, touch control or joystick modes


This tool will bring you into a new dimension of flight control. Perfect to make your business more effective - first aid, surveillance, guiding, transport, early rating of a situation - this is our business.

As the world’s first manufacturer you will get the most powerful ground station on the market.
Unlike all other drones our system makes it possible to fly with an almost unlimited range. Due to the mobile internet communication between our components, your flight range is now only constrained by the battery.
new generation control


Without any piloting knowledge the user is able to control the drone in said fields of application - from his desk, not necessarily from the outside. The flight time will be up to 75 minutes and the operating radius will be 60 kilometers (with GUAV7). During the whole time the drone will send all flight data including an excellent live video with a delay of around 100ms. An important point for safety. We are the world´s first manufacturer of the most powerful ground station on the market. Unlike all other drones our system makes it possible to fly with an almost unlimited range. Due to the mobile internet communication between the components, your flight range will only be limited by the performance of the battery.
unlimited range


Several hours of training have been necessary In order to fly a professional drone safely. Especially getting acquainted with the quite complex controller has been time-consuming. So we have waived the controller thus providing easier control options for everybody. From the very beginning the development of the Ground Station has been focused on easy control. We have been aiming at developing a solution that does not require countless hours of practice. We offer easy handling combined with a perfect result.
intuitive control


The main problem has been the pilot´s unknown identity even when the pilots have been officials. We ensure that an abuse of the Globe UAV System is nearly impossible. Each drone has its unique ID that belongs to only one ground station. The ground station software may only run on the respective computer. Moreover each LTE Drone System is registered in our database. In case of system abuse the pilot´s flight permission may be withdrawn at any time. Even if the drone is already in the air the Administrator may take over control to ensure a safe landing. We take our responsibility seriously!
unique id


Super fast video live stream & up to 4K recording


Flying by camera stream requires super fast video image delivery without any delay - a fast frame rate is essential. We offer 30 frames per second (fps) at an average delay of just 100 milliseconds. Depending on the Internet connection, the image quality is regulated automatically up to 1080p HD. The new Globe UAV Master Panel can show simultaneously all active drones of an enterprise. Here the Administrator receives the live stream and can take over the control of any of the drones displayed. During the flight you´ll be busy controlling the aircraft, so it cannot be avoided that a lot of information gets lost. Consequently we make sure that the flight will be recorded in two different ways. On the one hand all pictures shown at the ground station side will be recorded. On the other hand the drone will do footage on its own in a stunning quality. Furthermore you can take screenshots and 12 MP pictures at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to watch and analyze your flight again - in a more relaxed way!
live view


Globe UAV offers priority SIM cards from each country´s leading telecommunications service provider. These cards offer a minimum upload speed of 8Mbit/second for a constant trouble-free data transfer.
prisority sim


GLOBE UAV 4G LTE Groundstation


- GPS Mode (The Drone keeps their vertical and horizontal position)
- Click'n Fly Mode (The Drone flies to the clicked location on the map)
- Waypoint Mode (The Drone flies predefined missions on its own)
- Automatic takeoff and landing (For save lift and touchdown)
- Automatic range limitation (By adjustable virtual fence)
- Automatic return home or landing at low battery (Protects the Drone of Crash)
- Automatic return home (In case of signal loss)
- All commands can be executed with a single click or touch (Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard or Screen)
- The camera can move into any direction (Independent from the flying direction)
- Particularly wide camera zoom (Soft Zoom in excellent quality)
- WiFi Hotspot during the flight (Provide Wifi access for external devices)
- Wireless parameter upload to the drone
- Intercom for communication


Emergency Mode
When every second counts: Enter the street address and let it go – within 15 seconds, the Globe UAV drones are heading to the destination. Important to save lifes and get the quickest possible overview of the situation.

GPS Mode
Manual GPS supported flight by keyboard or mouse. Observe and follow the scenery while the drone is keeping the height.

Waypoint Mode
The routine program for the Globe UAV System: Simply upload your predefined flight route and let your prop buddy do the job – fully atonomous. The perfect solution for patrolling flights over pipelines, streets or railtrack surveillance

Click’n Fly Mode
Explore the area, follow streets, rivers or any other landmarks. Simply set a flag onto the map, the Globe UAV drone is already on its way to. This allows the pilot to keep an eye on the live video without needing to control the copter manually.

Return Home
Once the mission is completed, you can call back the drone by activating the Return Home Mode. The copter then automatically returns to the starting point which has previously been safed at launch. Landing has never been easier.

flight modes


Full control of flight permission at any time


The past 10 years the drone industry has constantly evolved. Anyone with a little know-how can assemble a drone itself or buy a ready-made one. As long as there are good intentions are behind it, it´s not a problem, but those flying objects are also increasingly used for illegal purposes. Situations in which drones are used for smuggling threats have already occurred.


Just start! Unpack, plug and fly. We send you a complete package including all you need that has been fully tested by us before shipping. We´ll supply a custom Windows 10 computer with all applications ready. Safety, functionality and reliability are the most important features during a flight - this is why a computer for this application only will be delivered. Nobody wants to be disturbed by a Skype call or a freeze screen when flying - this is how we can ensure professional services! The pre-installed application we provide will grant efficient and powerful control on your drone. A clean and immaculate groundstation is essential for a successful flight! We make sure that every single component of your system is solid and reliable.


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